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Shpresa_about us_PictureWho we are

Shpresa programme is an active user-led organisation that advances the education and training of the Albanian speaking people in the UK , so as to enable them to take full and active roles in their communities. Shpresa:

• provide advice, help and support so that our community orientate, settle and gain access to education, training and  employment, as well as fully participate and play an active role to the Big Society

• have a board of trustees, 75 % of whom are from our community. Other trustees have joined the board due to the expertise they have in their field. Shpresa currently have two full time, two part time and six sessional staff.

• have a large team of volunteers, usually between 35 and 45 volunteers each year. They are mostly from the Albanian community. However we currently have students undertaking voluntary work with Shpresa that is linked to their research studies.

Shpresa Programme  run a range of projects that also promote the development, education, health and well-being of our community.

We also offer consultancy services to other organisations and projects who may benefit from our expertise or what we have learnt.

Shpresa Programme: a brief history

Significant numbers of Albanian-speaking people from Albania , Kosova and Macedonia fled persecution from the early 1990s. Several sought asylum in the UK.  Political conflict in the Balkans, especially the war between the Serbian state and Kosovans from 1997, led to human rights violations across many communities in Kosova.

Although many Albanian speakers found asylum in the UK they experienced real difficulties settling in and integrating. There was no significant Albanian community presence before this in the UK and community resources were sparse. As a result the barriers our community experienced, which included language barriers, lack of knowledge about UK society and its systems, lack of qualifications and access to employment, led to immense problems.

RAMP was one charity that started to support the Albanian community in East London. Luljeta Nuzi worked for RAMP with a number of other parents as a volunteer to help the community meet their basic needs. Luljeta and other community activists accessed a range of training that proved effective in helping them meet their community’s needs. Training run by The School for Social Entrepreneurs was particularly helpful as it developed the skills of the community themselves.

This training gave Luljeta and her colleagues the confidence and the skills to successfully develop Shpresa. On November 2002 120 people took part in a consultation that led to the establishment of Shpresa Programme. The organisation was registered with Companies House on 11th March 2003. In August 2005 we registered as a charity with the Charity Commission.

Currently we have expanded our work from Newham into the London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Enfield, Haringey and Hammersmith.

Where we are

We have our own comfortable and well-resourced building that is dedicated to the use of both our community and other community organisations. 

Currently Shpresa employes 6 staff and supports 45 volunteers

For more information about Shpresa Programme see our latest annual report


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