Shpresa Programme - Our approach

We enable Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants, as well as other members of  new migrant communities, to become active citizens and contribute to the Big Society.


Our vision

Shpresa works so that the Albanian-speaking community are able to use universal services, find work and feel socially included.  We want them to feel more confident, to vote, to take care of their environment, to be less isolated, active  and to be happy.

We want

• the Albanian heritage to be strengthened and valued

• less prejudice and discrimination within and towards the Albanian-speaking community

• young Albanians to feel confident and valued and relations between them and older members of the community to be mutually respectful and supportive

• an end to domestic abuse and men and women from the community to thrive equally

• strong and productive links with Albania and Kosovo.

The way we work

User led where those we serve feel they have a voice in the planning and delivery of our projects

A family approach that promotes our cultural heritage, develops positive relationships across our community and with other communities, inspires people of all ages to volunteer, connects our young people with role models who can encourage positive aspiration, and provides the care, support and advocacy that enables our users to participate fully in the society

Outward-looking, where we work in close partnership with other agencies and services, including other community organisations

A commitment to evaluating the impact of our work and drawing on that learning when planning new projects. With the support of one of our funders and partners  we review regurlarly our future direction. See The Shpresa Programme: Agreeing the Way Forward. We also regularly y commission external evaluations for individual project as well as whole organisation. See Impact and Successes Report.

A commitment to share our experience and best practice with other new migrant communities to able them to become active citizens, contribute and play an active role  in The Big Society

Communicating our learning to our users and partners. We also offer consultancy services to other organisations and projects who may benefit from our expertise or what we have learnt.


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