Shpresa’s campaigning initiatives aim to:Campaigning

1. Provide members of Shpresa with skills and experience in campaigning

2. Raise the profile across London of the needs of the Albanian community and their ability to contribute to the life of the local community.

3. Develop links with training agencies, employers, as well as with schools to promote mentoring schemes and targeted support programmes for Albanian people seeking employment.

4. Link with other refugee communities to share our concerns and increase our capacity to make a difference for our communities.

5. Develop routes to have our voices heard by policy makers, including stronger links with decision making bodies, and greater representation of Albanian people on local partnership boards, PCTs and community fora.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the numbers of Albanians who are socially excluded and living in poverty and isolation. We believe this is only possible through a grassroots, multi-faceted campaign strategy which goes beyond anti-poverty measures by improving the relative position of those who are excluded (giving them the tools and resources to take part in society as full citizens) and changing the power relationships which excluded them from participating fully in the social life of their communities. We have a strong track record of facilitating campaigning activities and events for up to 2,000 members of the Albanian community and local residents.

Recent achievements have included:

1. Empowering members of the Albanian community to talk and share their experiences with TELCO (The East London Communities Organisation -  a chapter of London Citizens, a registered charity which develops skills and leadership capacity in the neighbourhoods). Some of our members spoke to more than 1,000 people about their experiences as refugees and asylum seekers and their right to citizenship.

2. Enabling members of the Albanian community to open bank accounts through our own local campaigning

3. Enabling Albanian people from Kosova to get a travel document when the Serbian Embassy was not providing certificate of citizenship for them

To develop further our campaigning work we are working with TELCO, Sheila McKechnie Foundation and Carnegie UK -

What our users say

‘I started to come at Shpresa as volunteer at Little Ilford youth Centre. I did a number of things which were great for me and really helped me with the work experience, then I got very involved on the youth project with another friend. We tried to set up a girls-only club and learned a great deal about organising things, marketing and  running groups. I then started to represent Shpresa at meetings organised  by  TELCO. Later on I went on training and then started to work as a volunteer for them.
All of this experience has helped me a  great deal, building my confidence, it has made me realise my potential. I have recently become Chair of Shpresa and to be honest I feel very proud. Sometimes I think I don’t do enough for this organisation which I believe does a fabulous job. The staff and volunteers are the most passionate people that I have met’.   Valdet


'‘It has been great to be part of Shpresa. We don’t get just activities to attend, we decide what we want and we are exposed at all the times to new opportunities. For me the training on Leadership has been great and very challenging and has enabled me to get involved at the “City safe” campaign and as a result of my involvement at the youth centre activities now I am playing a key role at mentoring in my school.’ Izmir

Campaigns that we currently are involved are :

    1. Strangers into Citizens initiated by TELCO
  2. 2. End child detention initiated by  Esme Madill
  3. 3. 4 in 10 End Child Poverty
  5. 4. Albanian language as GCSE subject

 Currently we are working to develop the strategy for both of these 2 campaigns below:

  • - Stop Domestic Violence within Albanian speaking families

    - Use your power – increase the number of Albanian speaking people voters

    - Campaignig to make Albanian Language into a GCSE subject



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