Children and Young People

Our Children and Young People project aims to improve the life, the education and the wellbeing of the Albanian speaking children from refugee, asylum and migrant backgrounds as well as enabling them to get their voices heard.

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'Shpresa Programme changed my life!

Shpresa Programme Jack Petchey Award Winnersa for 2008:

January 08      -      Ilir Arnold Shega
Organized a project visit at Oxford University  for other Albanian young people using Shpresa services
February 08     -      Nafjola Vorfi
Organizing a horse riding session

March 08          -      Arber Haliti
Purchasing equipment for the Kickboxing club which is run on every Sunday at Durning Hall

April 08             -      Orald Bodlli
Organizing a visit to Oxford University

May 08              -      Emi Hasaj
Organizing ice - skating for other young people using Shpresa's activities
June 08           -     Rudolf Kroni
Purchasing Football equipment for the team
July 08             -      Paula Celai
Organising a cinema visit

August 08          -    Valdete Mustafa
Organising a Girls Club

September 08   -    Besjana Krasniqi
Organising a Girls Club

October 08       -     Klajdi Muca
Purchasing football equipments for the team

November 08   -     Gersion Alikoj
Purchasing Art Equipment

December 08   -     Lorela Demushi
Organising "Our dreams" Show

January 09   -   Alban Marku
Organizing "Too busy to get in trouble" show

February 09  -  Andre Demushi
Organizing "too busy to get in trouble "show

June 09        -  Verona Sadiku
Organising a camping trip

March 09     -  Sadmir Coba
Organizing a camping trip at Lambourne end

April 09      -  Egzon Kabashi
Organising a camping trip at Lambourne end

May 09      -  Gezim Nikaj
Purchasing kickboxing materials for the Sunday club

For more information about the Jack Petchey Award Scheme please go to

Jack Petchey Award Foundation

Cuurrently we are running this project at these boroughs Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, Haringay, Enfiled, Hamersmith and Fulham

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