MentoringThe work aims to improve life chances for the Albania speaking children and young people  in Redbridge by providing  Individual and group mentoring  services  for 20 secondary school children per

We provide this service to ;

  • • Reduce the risk of school exclusion
  • • Reduce the risk of young people  becoming involved in crime
  • • Increase levels of self esteem
  • • Reduce isolation
  • • Help children achieve their  potential
  • • Help young people to  contribute by supporting them become mentors

We achieve this  through providing

  • • Weekly mentoring sessions
  • • Weekly group mentoring session/activities
  • • Training for 20 young people to become mentors peer mentoring support
  • • Support parents

We work in partnership with a number of partners and our work has been supported by a number of funders.

Our young people have their say on how we develop the project further. We as an organization take the evaluation very seriously. We undertake internal evaluation quarterly and external evaluation done yearly.

Comments from young people who have benefited from this work include:

“Sunday is a very good day for my family now, we all come at Mayfield school and do different things, and have so much to talk about and when we go home. Always there is a project and things to do.
I am involved in mentoring and has been great fun and learning in the same time.
I was awarded the Jack Petchey Award and with the money we organized the “Too buy to get into trouble “ show which was a great success. I felt so proud there
There are so many young  people that  find this service useful and enjoyable
Look  at our photo galery  to se how many activities do we run and take part, it is amaizing” Alban 14


“ Things here  at Shpresa get done quickly. In my school we have been asking  for a street dancing  club for so long and it take ages,Where as  at Shpresa’s Children’s Congress we asked for selfedefence classes and in a very short period of time we have got it running in two of our venues. It is really amazing” Deni 13


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