Shpresa Projects

Shpresa runs many projects to support the Albanian community in East London

childrenChildren and Young People project - aims to improve the life , the education and the wellbeing of the Albanian speaking children from refugee, asylum and migrant backgrounds as well as enabling their voices to get heard.


WomenWomen's Heath and Wellbeing project - aims to improve the chances of the Albanian speaking women to break the isolation, loneliness and other barriers so they could improve their health, integrate within the society and play a full part in the family, community and society


SchoolVolunteering project - aims to promote volunteering amongst Albanian speaking community as way forward in improving their chances of employment as well as their Education and health. In the same time as an organization we offer work placement and internship and team challenges for business teams


AdviceAdvice and Advocacy project - aims to provide in partnership with other providers such as RAMP, Praxis, RAMFEL and Community links advice and advocacy on behalf of the Albanian speaking clients in different fields such as benefits, immigration etc


AdviceCampaigning  aims to engage, up skill and build power of the Albanian speaking people leaving in UK and other communities  to work together to  solve the problems that matter to them  and for the Common Good


AdviceResources  aims to share our learning, model of working  and resources with other user led groups to maximise our impact in the society and play our active role in the Big society








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