Supporting parental engagement

Shpresa’s parental engagement programme aims to:

• Increase parent’s knowledge and understanding of their children’s experiences in the UK – especially in relation to education

• Reduce parental fears concerning integration and access to mainstream activities for their children

• Develop the confidence of Albanian speaking parents – through training and volunteering programmes

Providing dedicated parenting programmes to increase parental skills, communication skills and access to resources

• Raise awareness of the needs and experiences of Albanian speaking parents among mainstream providers including schools and youth work settings. 

Shpresa’s unique approach to supplementary schooling and family support for families with children and young people places parents alongside their children at the heart of our work. As we develop the confidence and self esteem of children and young people so we support and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents. Our dual approach has been positively evaluated (see reports below) is seen as a pioneering and a model for other refugee communities. We are delighted to be sharing our empowering way forward with Somali parents and children.

Read our evaluation reports.

Evaluation of Albanian School 2012

Evaluation of Albanian School 2010

Evaluation of Albanian School 2009

We currently offer:

• Parent support groups
• Training on parenting skills
• Training using Step by Step guide
• Mentoring to other community groups that are trying to develeop similar services using the similar aproach

Case study

“I was refered at Shpresa by my daughters school teacher from  EMA team. At first I was very skeptical, and I thought people from my own community can’t help and have no skill to help me as they have not been long here, and they were going through the same difficulties,. However after she asked me two or three times  I went . The volunteers were so helpful , that I could not believe, my daughter made friends straight way, They know so many things, they had a can do attitude, there was lots of buss in the room. I felt good, i felt home, I started to believe on myself that I could achieve things. I have found my family that I didn’t have up to now.
I continue to be involved at Shpresa now and offer my volunteering support, as well as I continue to improve my skills and actively I am looking for a job. My daughter has made friends, is all the time busy, doing some amazing staff, taking lead on activities, running their own project, coming up with solution. In school she is top set now . There are always difficulties that we face but I have now a great network and these seem to get very easy solved.” Lola


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